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Moving On – Ch 2

September 12, 2015

Chapter 2

Making a Plan


About an hour later everyone started to drift back to their homes. Don came over to Arthur and said, “After you get your family settled I would like to talk to you for a while. I need your help for a project I have in mind.”

Arthur said, “Sounds serious. What’s it about?”

Don said, “It’s about a number of things I have been thinking about for some time. I would like to put your mind at ease and say that it’s nothing earth shattering, but it is.”

“How about if I meet you on your porch after I get Karen and Alan down for the night,” said Arthur.

An hour later Arthur climbed the three stairs to Don’s porch; there was another man sitting with Don that Arthur had not met so far. As Arthur came closer Don stood along with the other man, a giant Mexican, who smiled and said in a thick accent, “It is an honor to meet you Mr. President.”

Arthur smiled back and said, “Please call me Arthur, and any friend of Don’s is a friend of mine.”

The Mexican’s smile broadened and he said, “Gracias, my name is Miguel Estanza. Please call me Miguel.”

The two shook hands as Don said, “Why don’t we go into the house? It’s getting a bit chilly out here.”

They all went in and sat in the living room. Don got up and said, “I’m going to have a beer would either of you like something?”

Both Miguel and Arthur nodded and said they would like one as well. Don returned with three beers and a bowl of pretzels that he placed on the coffee table. They each picked up a bottle and took a drink.

Arthur said, “Miguel, have you and Don been friends long?”

Miguel dropped his gaze to the table and after a pause of several seconds he looked up and said, “We started out as mortal enemies about two years ago. Don turned my life around from being the leader of the largest and most violent gang in Los Angeles to that of a protector of the people in that area. I guess I should say protector of people everywhere.” Miguel got a little choked up and had his eyes fill with tears as he added, “It was the actions of myself and my gang that led to the deaths of Don’s first wife and his two daughters. I will be ashamed of this to my dying day.”

Arthur was staring at Miguel with his eyes getting wider and wider and his mouth was moving but no words were coming out. He looked at Don.

Don nodded and said, “It’s quite true. In fact that is what started this path that all of us here are now on. I will have to start at the beginning so you will understand the passion with which I intend to take on the next phase of my plan.”

During the next four hours Don and Miguel laid out the events of the last three years. By the time they finished the history lesson for Arthur it was past one A.M. Don then said, “It has been a long day for all of us and especially you Arthur. What do you say to us continuing this talk tomorrow after breakfast?”

Arthur said, “I don’t know if I will be able to sleep after hearing all this. My thoughts are racing.”

Don smiled at him and said, “I have something that is better than a sleeping pill. You will have no problem getting to sleep and it will be a restful sleep I guarantee it.”

The three men stood and shook hands with Don. When Miguel and Arthur reached Don’s porch they stopped and looked at each other. Arthur put out his hand which Miguel took and said, “Thank you for telling me everything Miguel. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

The two men nodded to each other as they turned and walked toward their respective houses.

The next morning the Colonel and his men were up at 6:00. By 6:30 they got together and decided that they were on their own for breakfast. They walked down by the meeting hall where they had eaten the night before but no one was there. They walked over to the store intending to pick up something for breakfast and prepare it themselves at the colonel’s house.

As they entered the store the lights came on and they saw shelves full of dry goods, refrigerated cases containing milk, juice, eggs, meats and other cold stores. There was a door in the back with a sign that announced that it was the frozen goods. Inside this they found such items as frozen pizza, TV dinners, a variety of juices and many other items.

One of the marines was picking up some things and putting them in a bag he was carrying. The colonel asked him where he got the bag. The man told him there were some by the door where they entered the building.

The colonel’s brows approached each other as he considered what his next step should be. He said, “I suppose we could take what we need and find someone to ask about how we pay for it later. It feels odd…”

The marine with the bag interrupted saying, “Excuse me sir, there is a sign next to the bags that says ‘TAKE WHAT YOU NEED AND RETURN BAGS HERE.’ I took that to mean that no one is expected to pay.”

The colonel thought for a moment then said, “Very well, we will take enough for breakfast then ask about the payment method later.”

The group went about selecting what they wanted for breakfast and left the building. As they walked back to the colonel’s house where they had decided to eat they saw the President’s son, Alan, and the two older boys walking toward the valley.

The colonel waved at them signaling them to come over. The boys approached the marines. As they got close enough Jason said, “Good morning. Did you find what you need at the store?”

The colonel replied smiling, “Yes, but we couldn’t find how to pay for the things we took. Can you tell us where we go to pay for it?”

The boys smile’s almost split their faces and with eyes sparkling Mike said, “Oh, nobody pays for anything here. Whatever you need you just take and bring back what you don’t use. There’s another room around back of the store where you can pick up stuff to play with too, you know, balls and board games and that kind of stuff.”

The colonel’s head turned a little to the side and he squinted a bit then said, “Are you sure?”

Mike enjoyed being an authority and grinned as he replied, “You bet. If you don’t believe me you can ask uncle Don. He’s not really our uncle, he’s our cousin but we always call him uncle because him and dad always say that they are more like brothers than cousins. He’s up you know. Just go over to his house and walk up on the porch. He’ll know you’re there and he’ll come let you in.”

“How does he know you are there? Are there cameras that watch outside his door?”

“Naw,” said Mike. “He just knows. He can feel you there. I’m just learning how to do it and I can tell if I think about it but he doesn’t have to think about it, he just knows.”

The colonel’s brows and forehead creased severely as he bent his head considering this information. He looked back at Mike and said, “Do you mean that you are learning to do what your uncle does?”

“Sure,” said Mike. “Everybody here learns how, if they want to that is. We’re going hiking now so if you don’t need anything else we’ll see you later, okay?”

“Okay,” said the colonel in a dazed tone. As the boys walked off he watched them break into a run and shook his head almost imperceptibly trying to grasp what he had just heard. After a minute he shook the cobwebs from his head and stood straight then turned toward Don’s house. As he approached the steps the front door opened and Don stepped out and with a smile said, “Good morning guys. Did you find everything you needed alright?”

“Yes sir,” replied the colonel. “One problem though is we couldn’t find anywhere to pay for what we got from the store. Can you help us out with that?”

“Of course, there is no need to pay for anything. We are setup as a church and therefore a charitable institution. We provide everything our people need and ask for nothing in return. We offer education for the young and spiritual training for all who want it. We have our own ranch where we raise beef and pork and a farm where some fresh vegetables are grown in season. We buy a lot of our food just for the variety and because some things are beyond what we wish to manufacture, like cereal and flour and sugar. We grow the vegetables that we like because I hate things like tomatoes that are picked green and put in cold storage.”

Don seemed to hold his breath for just a moment then said, “I can tell you have some questions on your mind that relate to national security. This seems to be because of the comment that I made when we first met about being able to defeat the entire army the way I did you. Am I correct?”

“Well, yes sir,” said the colonel. “I’m not so sure I trust one man with that much power. It would lead to one man rule, a dictatorship. I’ve seen it too many times all around the world.”

“I agree,” said Don. “I thought about that very thing when I first perfected the skills I use to accomplish the seemingly magical things I do. I freely admit that I am very powerful but that is why I keep so many people I trust around me. They are the kind of people who are family even if not blood related. They are free to call my attention to what is right or wrong with what I do. It is for this reason that I teach all those who want to learn how to use the abilities they have and turn them into skills as I have. Not to raise a superior army but to keep me and eventually each other from straying from the path that leads to helping the world and hurting no one.”

“But how do you know that someone you may teach these skills to won’t go rogue and become a menace?” asked the colonel.

“It’s one of the skills I have developed,” said Don. “I can read, very accurately, a person’s emotions. I can go even deeper than that if necessary to determine if someone is mentally equipped to handle such power without forming a God complex, in other words becoming the dictator you mention.”

With some tightness in his voice the colonel said, “I would like to believe you but I just don’t know.”

Don’s left eyebrow raised and his eyes got a twinkle in them as he said, “Believe it or not colonel, you are just the type of man I would welcome to join us. You are skeptical but not closed minded. You can handle power without it going to your head. So, if you ever decide to retire from your military career please come back and visit us for a while. If you get to know us I would dare say you would stay and be a great asset to the community.”

“That is quite the offer Mr. Reuss. I will keep it in mind. I hope to talk with you again sometime,” said the colonel.

“Feel free to talk to me or anyone else here anytime. I’m sure you will find what I say to be accurate,” said Don.

The colonel nodded as he turned to leave. He had taken no more than one step when he stopped and turned back to Don. He turned his head to the side and squinted a little as he said, “How is it that you can do the things you do? How did you learn them?”

Don’s eyes wrinkled at the corners as a broad smile broke out on his face. He said, “That, colonel is a very long story. Perhaps I will tell it another time.”

The colonel nodded and smiled out of the corner of his mouth, turned and left.

Don sensed that Arthur was up and about and decided to pay him a visit to arrange a meeting for this afternoon. After talking to Arthur for a moment the decision was made that they would take a tour of the property and talk while they did so. After breakfast would be a good time. Don invited him and Karen to his house in an hour for waffles and ham.

It was almost 10:00 when they finished eating. Don and Arthur excused themselves and told their wives that they would be out walking for a while. The two men left and set out toward the southeast across the valley.

After they had gone Karen asked Betty, “Do you ever get worried being out here alone?”

Betty tilted her head and said, “You mean worried that someone might hurt us?”

“Yes,” said Karen with her voice rising in tone a little but not quite a question, “someone or something like a wild animal perhaps?”

“No,” Betty chuckled. “Not with Don to protect us.”

“But what about now when he is gone?” asked Karen?

Betty said in a serious tone of voice, “Don is never out of touch with us. Everyone here has been taught how to call him in an emergency. He can be with the one who has called him in less than a heartbeat. That is why the children are allowed to roam freely throughout our 125 square miles of land. Plus, he can bring them home very fast if need be. You saw what he did with your helicopter. Moving a few children around is simple for him.”

“I saw him do that when he visited us in Washington but I don’t understand how it is possible. It looks like a magic trick,” said Karen.

“I don’t understand it very well myself,” said Betty. “I know it has to do with placing a charged field on the person and the surrounding ground or air but that’s about the limit of my understanding. It’s not magic; it is done on very sound scientific principles according to Don.”


When Don and Arthur were out of earshot of the houses. Don said, “Arthur, I introduced you to Miguel last night to make you aware of the affect I can have on individuals. The gang that Miguel was leader of was one of the most feared in the country. Their only motivation in doing the horrendous things they were responsible for was greed and power. The thing that was most effective against them was their superstitious nature and fear of the unknown. It only took a few parlor tricks to make them believe I was omniscient and would extract retribution against them for any disobedience of my rules.

I can use this same strategy against governments or rather government leaders who depend on rhetoric and cruelty to control their subjects. These will respond to the removal of their weaponry even more strongly than did the Southside Gang. These leaders have much more to lose and live in constant fear of being overthrown if they lose control to even the slightest degree.

It should be easy to control them by demonstrating that they are powerless to stop the destruction of their weapons and dismantling of their political police forces. The first things I will remove are the missiles bearing nuclear warheads. Once these are disabled I can make demands that they cannot ignore.”

“If you can do what you say,” began Arthur.

“I can,” interjected Don.

Arthur paused for a moment then continued, “What do you need from me?”

“Your understanding and backing so our country will not feel like it is on the outside looking in. This country was once great and universally respected. Now we are considered a corrupt cop if not just a bully. By going along with me on this plan the U.S. will look like a benevolent powerful friend who is in control and willing to take the steps necessary to make the world a community where everyone can live without fear of being killed at the whim of some politician.”

“You seem to have given this a great deal of thought,” said Arthur. “The sword of Damocles leaps to mind here. I believe such a scenario would work with the proper preparation. Do you have a plan encompassing how to get the attention of the world leaders?”

“Yes,” said Don. “It will take some time and I would only be able to go after one of them at a time. I would pick the ones that are most distasteful to the rest to start on thus assuring the backing of their neighbors who are also fearful of attack.”

“May I ask how this plan would proceed?”

“I have already begun the first step which is to study the superstitions of each culture to use against them on a deep subconscious basis. Once they are shocked into looking over their shoulders for the next omen to strike it will be a simple path to their submission on an emotional level as well as their basic ever-present fear of being overthrown,” said Don.

“I must ask,” said Arthur, “do you plan on removing our nuclear strike capability as well?”

“Yes,” replied Don. “Though I do not believe the politicians in this country capable of using such weapons, there always exists the possibility of some military fanatic taking control of a portion of the arsenal and using it. For this very reason the first step of removing the warheads will have to be done in secret. You are the only one I have entrusted with this information.”

“What can I do to help,” asked Arthur?

Don said, “I will let you know when I am ready to bring the operation into the open. I will give you a one day warning so you can make a press announcement declaring that the world’s nuclear threat has been neutralized by an unknown force friendly to the peaceful people of the world. It would be best if you put in something to the effect of showing support for the action which you were warned of in advance.

That should put you ahead of everyone in this country not to mention the rest of the world.”

“How should I respond to the millions of questions I will receive after the announcement,” asked Arthur?

“Since you are going to be the center of attention I will leave that up to you,” said Don. “I will be busy with the worst of the dictators before you put out the word. Come up with something good to scare the shit out of them.” Don winked and smiled out of one corner of his mouth.

Arthur raised one eyebrow and smiled back as he said, “I think I can handle that. I have dreamed many times of slapping those clowns to wake them up.”

“There is one other item I would like to show you, it is how you can contact me in an emergency.” Don then gave Arthur the ability to contact him as he had done for the others.

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