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Moving On – Ch 3

September 21, 2015

Chapter 3

The Action Heats Up


Marine One lifted off with Don’s assistance and regained its own control at five miles out the day after Arthur’s talk with Don. Arthur sat onboard quieter than usual in a corner seat near the door. He had asked Don how much time he would have to prepare his address to the country and indeed the world. He had been told that he should expect Don’s call within two weeks.

Betty had invited Karen and her family to return when the time was right and join their extended family. Betty hinted that the future of about three to four years from now was going to be very exciting.

Don sat on the top of the hill under an aspen tree in the sun looking for all the world like he was napping. He needed to be alone as he went through the military files locating every nuclear missile in the U.S. arsenal including the ones on submarines. He made short work of the arming circuits to the warheads. Short of replacing all the electronics in the missiles they were all hopelessly incapable of being repaired any other way. Completing this task just for the U.S. arsenal took over 45 hours.

After finishing with the U.S. arsenal and ships he went after the worst aggressor nations next. He searched all of the CIA’s intelligence files until he had lists for the locations of all the nuclear weapons in every country, friend or foe. Over the next week and a half he disabled the arming circuits of all the weapons on the list. If this was not all of them he would have to trust to the spy satellites to inform him of any launches from the missile facilities anywhere in the world.

In all the aggressor nations with missiles he took the added step of cross connecting the launch circuit with the opening of the fuel dump valve on every missile including the submarines. When he contacted Arthur telling him to give his address in two days he told him to add that any missile launched, including those in submarines would explode before clearing the launch tube. He also told Arthur to contact him immediately if any launch was detected anywhere in the world.

Two days later there was a worldwide all channels news alert. At noon Eastern Standard Time the President of the United States of America appeared on all TV stations. He gave the following speech.



“I have been informed that an anonymous source has declared the following: All long range nuclear weapons are no longer to be allowed on the planet. All such warheads are now disabled and any such weapon will be destroyed on launch.

Beware; any government which chooses to ignore this warning will face severe consequences.

This message will be repeated every hour, on the hour for the next 24 hours. This message has been sent to every government known to have or be developing a nuclear arsenal.

That is the end of the message that I was given from this anonymous source. Though we attempted to track this message transmission to its source we found our best efforts inadequate to the task.

As President of the United States I urge all nations to take heed and not ignore this message.”



Within four hours after the end of the speech the Saudi’s, Koreans, Russians and Chinese were all hotly embroiled in secret meetings within the confines of their respective capitals. It seemed that no one wanted to be the first to test the dictate of the unknown threat. They all thought that the U.S. was part of it in a conspiracy with the U.K., Israel and possibly others.

The Chinese debated the subject for fourteen hours straight. They came to the conclusion that some of their submarines had been on patrol for almost six months and therefore could not have been sabotaged by this unknown foe. Therefore it was decided that the Beijing one of the Jin class submarines would sail out to the mid Pacific and launch a missile in three days.

Three days later the Beijing launched its missile at 0200. The missile cleared the launch tube due to the absence of the rocket engine firing. All submarine missiles are launched by compressed air until they clear the surface when the rocket engine is ignited. This is exactly what happened with the Chinese missile except that 2 seconds after ignition the main fuel dump valve opened and the rocket exploded. Though there was no nuclear explosion the shrapnel from the rocket tore a large hole in the side of the ship.

The Beijing limped back into port at Xiaopingdao. Upon further consideration the Chinese government decided not to pursue any further missile tests for the foreseeable future.

The Koreans, on the other hand, decided that their super-secret launch site near Pujon was the perfect way to announce their entry into the nuclear weapon society and to show their authority and bravery. The failure of the Chinese missile did not deter them in the least. Two days after the Chinese missile failure the Koreans launched a fully armed long distance missile at midnight Eastern Standard Time at the United States.

Two minutes after the launch Donald Reuss was wrenched from his bed by the call from Arthur Drummond. No phone rang. But the unmistakable emergency call which Don had taught Arthur to use summoned him and in less than a heartbeat Don was beside the President, touched his face in the prearranged signal that he was there and whispered in the President’s ear, “What is the problem.”

Arthur calmed himself and said, “The Koreans have launched a nuclear missile that did not self-destruct.”

One of the President’s aides turned to the President and said, “Yes sir that is what I just said.”

Don took a moment and searched for the missile. Within 30 seconds he found it and halted its progress effectively freezing it in place until the fuel ran out. Don whispered to Arthur, “I have control of the missile. Do nothing. I will take care of the situation,” and left.

The President turned to his aide and said, “Get me an updated report on that missile now.”

The aide picked up the nearest phone, dialed and asked the person who answered, “What is the missile status right now?”

After a pause of about half a minute the voice came back and in a voice of disbelief it announced, “You’re not going to believe this but the missile appears to have stopped in midair and is not moving.”

The aide said quiet as a mouse, “Thank you,” and hung up. He turned to Arthur Drummond who was standing in calm ease and said, “Sir, the missile appears to have stopped dead in midflight. I don’t understand how that is possible but…”

Arthur spoke with his usual self-confidence and said, “I do. Don’t worry about it. You can go back to bed now, I am.”

The aide turned in shock and as if in slow motion left the room.

Don watched the missile until the fuel was exhausted. During this time he disarmed the nuclear warhead. He then turned the missile around and sped the missile at over 2,000 mph back to Korea. He halted the missile at 1,000 feet above the building where the Korean leaders were meeting. He looked into their room and though he could not understand a single word that was being spoken, from the panic and pandemonium taking place he surmised that they had just been informed of the location of their missile. They were scurrying around like scared rats and when they had barely cleared the building Don released the missile. There was no explosion but the point was made as all around the building watched the missile penetrate the roof and continue through to the basement.

Don returned to Arthur in the Whitehouse and asked Arthur to have an untraceable note written in Korean in red ink and waiting for him when he arrived in 2 hours. Don dressed and explained to Betty what had happened. He told her he would be gone for approximately 8 hours and not to worry.

Don stepped out of their house, walked down the porch stairs then disappeared into the night sky. He had perfected his mode of travel so that he could go as fast as he wished and was still protected from the elements by a special alternating shield he invented a few days earlier. He traveled the 1,720 miles to the Whitehouse in a little over an hour. He landed at the front gate and announced that his name was Donald Reuss and the President was waiting for him. He was admitted and was at the door facing the Marine guard in the blink of an eye. The Marine jumped and almost fell over the chair in back of him.

Don reached to help him saying, “I am sorry Sargent. I didn’t mean to frighten you. May I go in?”

The Sargent nodded still too surprised to speak. Don opened the front door and walked in as Arthur was walking toward him at the same time. As they met and shook hands Don said, “Could we go upstairs? I have a small favor to ask of you.”

Arthur said, “Of course, come along.”

They both turned and headed up the stairs. When they reached the top of the stairs Don said, “I don’t have much time right now so this must be brief. Do you have the note I asked for?”

Arthur answered, “Yes, right here.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the note in a plastic bag and handed it to Don.

“One more thing, do you have a long black overcoat that I could have?” Don asked.

“Yes, come with me,” said Arthur. He turned and entered a small room which had a number of small doors. Arthur walked to one and opened it, reached in and produced a long black wool overcoat which he handed to Don. “Will that do?”

“Just fine,” said Don. “When I bring it back I’ll explain everything. I must go now. Do you mind if I use your balcony?”

“Of course not,” said Arthur. “I’ll get the key to unlock it.”

“That won’t be necessary,” said Don. He walked to the doors leading to the balcony and opened them then stepped outside. He turned, closed the doors, waved then turned around and was gone.

Don arrived at Pyongyang, North Korea three hours and 42 minutes after leaving the Whitehouse. Hovering at 5,000 feet over the city Don focused on Kim Jong-un and found him at a fortified building on the north side of the city. He landed on the walkway at the front of the building which was surrounded by armed men in uniform. They all were paralyzed and fell to the ground before they knew he was there. Don walked up the steps at the front of the building and through the door. There were two armed guards stationed at the foyer inside. They met the same fate as those outside. He walked to the elevator at the middle of the hallway then thought better of using it. Don found the stairway and took it to the top of the building. He focused on Kim Jong-un who was in an office on the top floor. There were two armed guards in the room with him standing at either side of the door.

Kim Jong-un was seated at a desk in front of the only window in the room. His phone rang. He answered it and was told of the pandemonium that was happening in and around the building. Without waiting to hang-up the phone he ordered the guards to lock the door. As the guards turned to lock the door the window behind Kim Jong-un exploded outward. The guards whirled just as Kim Jong-un flew out the window and disappeared.

Don stood in the center of the roof waiting with a smirk on his face as Kim Jong-un appeared above the edge of the roof and floated over to him. Don deposited Kim Jong-un four feet in front of himself. Kim’s legs almost gave out at the sight of Don.

Don levitated them both and flew out over the middle of the river, descended to thirty feet above the water and hovered there for a full minute with his eyebrows coming close together and hooding his eyes with his evil looking smirk still on his lips. He reached out his hand to Kim holding the note.

Kim looked at the note as though it was about to bite him then trembling like a leaf in a high wind he slowly reached toward Don and took the note. He looked at the note and read:


“The next missile you launch I will drop in your lap and the warhead will be armed.”


Kim when white as a ghost and looked up from the note to find Don nowhere in sight. Still hanging in midair he looked wildly around flailing his arms and legs like a spider dangling from the ceiling. Without warning Don released him and he fell into the river landing on his back making a huge splash.

As Don flew over Alaska heading toward Montana he watched Kim Jong-un’s progress as he gained the shore and crawled onto the bank of the river out of breath and so weak he could not stand for several minutes.

Kim had lost the note in the river but did not notice this until much later when he was explaining to his aides what he had experienced. He gave orders that no further missiles were to be launched and added that all missiles were to be disabled and the warheads removed.

The traumatic event he had just experienced left no room for doubt that his life now was in peril every minute of every day from his own missiles.




The Russian missile arsenal was controlled by different states after the breakup of the USSR. Only one week after the Korean missile launch three missiles were launched by the states now in control of them. Each exploded within their respective launch tubes. One of the missiles launched from Georgia in the old USSR had the warhead armed. The resulting nuclear explosion killed 196 people and put an end to the Russian missiles as those who controlled them immediately started dismantling their arsenals when loud cries of revolution broke out in all three states.




Iran was the final country dabbling in a nuclear arms program. Though they do not have a viable missile delivery system yet Don thought it would be a good course of action to take a preventative measure. He decided to take a similar tack as he had used with the Southside Gang.

Don spent the next 3 days on his computer creating a picture file that had as its centerpiece an evil eye. This was the most widely feared omen in the Arab world. He then made a flaming background for it that could be turned on and off. He purchased a translation program that would translate what he typed on his keyboard directly into the language desired. He created the message, “Abandon your nuclear weapons program now or my wrath will fall upon you and your family.” He then took these words and made them appear to be dripping out of the evil eye.

“This should be good for a start,” thought Don, “now to find the Grand Ayatollah Sayyid’s location in Tehran.”

Don perused the CIA’s records on Iran and found what he needed. He then looked within the building where the government functions were located and found the server for all the computers in the building where the Grand Ayatollah Sayyid had his office as well. Don found the office of the Ayatollah and the security cameras within that office. He found the proper circuits to cross connect when the time was right, that would place the scene in the office on all the computers and television stations in Iran. Now all he had to do was wait until the proper characters arrived on the scene. He figured that they would be arriving at the office sometime after dawn and given time for breakfast it would probably be around 8:00 A.M. Tehran time. This should put it about 7:30 P.M. Montana time.

At the set time Don “looked” into the office just as the Grand Ayatollah Sayyid entered. He was not accompanied by guards but by a group of seven clerics. As they all sat down and prepared for the business of the day Don turned on the computer on the Ayatollah’s desk and made it beep until all eyes were on the screen. Having made sure that all the television stations were broadcasting the same scene from the security camera he made the following message appear, “You will all bow to my will or the consequences will be severe.”

The room became dead silent as did almost the entire city of Tehran. No one in the office of the Ayatollah moved but all the clerics stared at the Ayatollah. His face became red as his mouth curled into a snarl. He began speaking in almost a growl when Don made the message fade out and the evil eye fade in along with a roaring clanging sound, taken from a popular piece of acid rock music. The sound crescendoed to an ear-splitting volume then when all attention was again on the computer screen the sound ceased abruptly. As the dumbfounded Ayatollah and clerics and the entire population of Iran watched the words Don had prepared began to ooze from the evil eye. “Abandon your nuclear weapons program now or my wrath will fall upon you and your family.”

Not to be threatened the Ayatollah’s face wrinkled into a snarl and just as he started to talk the flames began to appear in the background of the evil eye on the screen. At the same time Don began to activate all the nerve endings on the Ayatollah’s skin. At first it seemed a slight prickling heat. The Ayatollah was instantly silenced and his mouth opened as his eyes widened. He seemed to have trouble breathing. The clerics in the room became very concerned and as they stared in bewilderment at the scene in front of them the Ayatollah began to make gasping high-pitched croaking noises as the flames on the screen became more vivid the burning sensation on his skin became more intense. A crackling sound could now be heard emanating from the computer as the flames became more vivid. Don increased the nerve stimulus almost to maximum when the Ayatollah began screaming and fell to his knees saying, “Allah help me,” over and over.

The pain did not diminish until the Ayatollah said, “I bow to you.” Then the pain eased over the next two minutes until it was gone as the flames on the screen faded.

Don caused the following to appear on the screen under the evil eye. “Do not ignore my warning. You have one day to dismantle your nuclear program. I will return in 24 hours. You cannot hide.” The words faded into a countdown clock starting with 23:59:59.

The Ayatollah rose from the floor with slumped shoulders and head hanging low. Without a word he shuffled out the door and went to his private room and lay down on the cot. He lay thus asking Allah for guidance until he fell asleep. Don was watching him and when he was asleep he linked up with the Ayatollah’s mind just as his group did when they slept. He then firmly implanted the idea that following the directions he had been given was the best course.

That evening the Ayatollah arose with aching muscles and joints. He issued orders that the nuclear weapon program was to be stopped and dismantled.

The Ayatollah was watching his computer monitor as the countdown came to zero. Immediately the screen blanked and the message, “I am satisfied with what you have done thus far. Remember, I will be watching,” appeared and remained for five minutes then faded.

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